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    Graham Audio - Chartwell LS3/5 Speakers From $3,699.00

    Graham Audio presents the ultimate version of the most famous of all the BBC loudspeakers, and is doing so under one of the most cherished names connected with the LS3/5A: Chartwell. The bespoke drive units and crossover networks are developed...

    Graham Audio BBC LS5/8 Monitor Speakers From $13,995.00

    The LS5/8 is the BBC's flagship design, and was developed because of the need for higher sound pressure levels and greater transparency and consistency than the ageing LS5/5 offered. This was the first BBC loudspeaker to use a polypropylene diaphragm...

    Graham Audio Chartwell LS6 Bookshelf Speakers $4,999.00

    Following the success of the Graham Audio LS3/5 and LS5/9, we were curious to discover what could be done with a cabinet that was sized somewhere between the two. The result is the Chartwell LS6, designed by Derek Hughes. A...

    Graham Audio BBC LS5/9 Monitor Speakers From $6,995.00

    The LS5/9 is a high quality studio monitor that was designed by BBC Research and Development and featured a brand new 8 inch bass/midrange drive unit that was developed entirely in-house and constructed using the best materials available at the...