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      Astell & Kern FiiO

      Astell & Kern FiiO

      Astell&Kern is a premium audio brand of portable and non-portable audio systems that play hi-res audio files without compromise. Astell means "star" in Greek, and Kern means "core” in German. Together, it refers to our aim to continuously reach for the core of music - the "original sound."

      A&K was founded in 2012 by former Samsung executives. Since the first product was launched in 2013, the brand philosophy—refusing to overlook even the smallest differences in sound quality—has led to a diverse array of audio products and outstanding and well renowned technology honed through continuous R&D, enriching music lovers' lives.











      FiiO was established in 2007 by senior staff from OPPO. Fiio now has more than 300 employees and has extensive expertise in researching and developing portable music products and sell FiiO-branded products through sales agents worldwide.

      FIIO places great importance on users' needs and ceaselessly pursues perfection in product design and manufacturing, to supply users with the best audio products at the best prices.