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      Aune Audio

      Aune Audio

      Aune was founded in China by six diehard audio fans and are part of Ao Lai Er Technology Co. ltd Hi-F. They are dedicated to making the best headphones, IEM's, desktop but also portables, including music players. They started off in 2004, and gained a wealthy experience with audio throughout the years, doing extensive research, and keeping in touch with their customers.

      In addition to the R&D innovation, from operations to customer service, from product manufacturing to the user manual , every detail , Aune pursues excellence. They firmly believe that the “pursuit of perfection” is endless .

      Aune company’s HIFIDIY.NET since 2004 has become the largest Chinese audio site and community , with nearly 1,00,00,00 members. It is the foundation of the Aune brand.

      Each of the six founders specializes in a particular audio related field, such as hardware design, electro-acoustics design, programming, and even speaker design and tuning. The logo we will see on Aune was inspired by the concept of Yin-Yang and isymbolizes the balance, from Chinese philosophy, with the rounded appearance of the letters pointing to the peaceful and gentle nature of Aune, and of them towards their products. With their pursuit of superb sound and great user experience, they have made Aune a world class brand.





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