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      Audioquest Cables

      Audioquest Cables


      Audioquest was founded by Bill Low in 1980. In 1978 William (Bill) Low began manufacturing custom audio cables for his new one-man hi-fi shop. Two years later, Bill got serious about making cables for the rest of the world, so in 1980, he founded AudioQuest.

      In 1980, cables were being provided by Bill to an emerging network of specialty audio dealers in Southern California. With business plan in hand and a few hundred dollars in the bank, he formally established AudioQuest and began to expand distribution throughout the United States and around the world. 

      Over 40 years later, AudioQuest is positioned as the premier provider of high performance audio & video cables and accessories. AudioQuest’s success continues to be driven by Bill’s unwavering belief that the best marketing is done by passionate and inspired customers.














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