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      Wattson Audio Merason Audio

      Wattson Audio Merason Audio




      Wattson Audio was born of the passion and experience acquired during nearly twenty years by the company Engineered SA in the musical reproduction field.

      Discover what drives us and how we imagine and conceive our products from Yverdon-les-Bains, in the heart of the Swiss Romandie, with respect to helvetic quality standards.

      Wattson Audio builds on our growing will to combine numerous electronic and software concepts developed throughout the years within the company Engineered SA in the audio High-End field.

      We have been working passionately for many years on fascinating themes ranging from analog tubes and transistor circuits, all-class level amplification, A/D or D/A conversion possibilities, to signal treatment, interface and digital modulation.

      Of all our achievements, the highlight is undoubtedly our proprietary streaming solution.

      This network interface is constantly evolving, thus allowing us to smoothly integrate new features and support for the latest formats, so that we can assure compatibility with the highest audiophile standards. This is one of the first audio streaming solutions that is adapted to requirements imposed by High-End models.

      Our concept demonstrates that streaming through the network surpasses other technologies in terms of sound rendering quality. Our streaming interface is already integrated in numerous highly elitist products available on the High End marketplace where it has proven its astonishing qualities.

      With countless innovative concepts ready to see the light of day, launching Wattson Audio became imperative. Our intuition was confirmed by multiple requests that came from our commercial relations, considering the market’s evolution, as well as the know-how gathered through our many collaborations with domestic and professional audio brands.The first Wattson Audio product series is consistent with our will to focus on the essential in order to respond to our users’ specific needs, as well as being respectful of very high-quality criteria. Elaborating these products has therefore required us to pay close attention to the essential primary functions. Our team has thoroughly implemented our technologies with a maximum attention to detail while not getting lost in secondary features, thereby creating a refined high-performance final product.

      Wattson Audio’s team has aimed at maintaining this philosophy by bringing an attention to detail to our product’s development phases, performing multiple iterations in order to fine-tune the electronic circuit’s performance and to optimize the software operations.

      Such perseverance has led to mature products for which radical choices have been made.

      In tune with the challenges of our time, we strive to limit our ecological impact by carefully selecting robust and sustainable components, in order not to produce devices with programmed obsolescence.

      In order to finish and assert the product’s identity, the casing design had to make an impression consistent with the sound and offer a sophisticated esthetic. Once again, several iterations have been required in order to define the curves, find the right proportions and achieve viable and original technical solutions.

      We are aware that developing this aspect is as crucial as the previous stages of electronics and software development, which is why we have selected local partners to skillfully accompany us in this realization, thus contributing to dynamically encouraging the local economy.

      The designs which were finally selected show originality and a strong identity with a "retro-futuristic" touch to make them immediately recognizable.

      Wattson Audio’s mission is to provide access to high-quality sound to a wider public and we genuinely hope that you will appreciate our products’ conscious design for simplicity of use during many hours of musical listening.














      Merason Audio was founded in Switzerland by Daniel Frauchiger in 2013. All Merason products are designed, tested and handcrafted in Switzerland by Daniel and his team. Merason’s goal has been to create analogue sounding DACs that perform well above their respective prices. 









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