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      Effect Audio Cables

      Effect Audio Cables




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      Effect Audio was founded in 2009 by Suyang Zoo in Singapore while he was still an Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) student in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Back then, there weren’t many options for upgrading of earphone cables, apart from the run-of-the-mill products that either performed mediocrely, or were too expensive. With an intensive drive to provide both quality value-for-money options to the market, we began to look into R&D to produce a wide variety of cables that produced superior sound. Suyang’s workmanship is eventually recognised by Crystal Cables and that led to Effect Audio offering the renowned “CC Piccolino” which brought Effect Audio to fame. As we continued to dive into our research, testing and developing prototypes, we gradually improved the quality of our cables and broke into the high-end market. With Suyang’s personal expertise injected into the cable development process, we harness the edge over other cables – the understanding that differences in structure and assembly will result in different audio qualities.


      Effect Audio are the go-to industry professionals in manufacturing high-quality earphone cables that give you an audio experience like no other. Continuously driven by the search for a perfect sound quality for purposes that go from music appreciation to sound engineering, our earphones cables undergo an intensive Research & Development process that makes use of our expertise and knowledge in different materials and the sound quality that they produce. Each cable undergoes precise fine-tuning and testing, in order to please your ears with the ultimate Effect Audio Experience, bringing you on a superior auditory journey that you have been searching for all this while.