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      Line Magnetic

      Line Magnetic

      Line Magnetic was founded in 2005 by two brothers, both audiophiles who are passionate about tube electronics and notably the legendary American achievements of the 1950s.

      For many years, the company has made itself know throughout the world as a specialist in the repair and production of replicas of loudspeakers and electronics of Western Electric, Altec, Jensen etc.

      Today, all the schemes and accomplishments are the result of a team of experienced and experienced audiophile engineers. The company has two factories in which all the products are made up of assemblies "in the air".

      Besides these productions, Line Magnetic also offers a whole range of components, loudspeakers, tube power supplies, etc ... which are the delight of passionate audiophiles around the world.

      In mentioning Line Magnetic Audio we have to begin with its creator Mr Zheng Cai. Zheng Cai, born in Jilin province, love radio, smart and studious, he graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute. After graduation, he worked at Dunhua radio plant and become Chief engineer after two years of work. Between 1984 and 1991 he served as chief engineer of Changchun radio factory which is a well-know company at that time. In the spare time Zheng keeps his hobby on electronics and he found that at that time in China there is no HIFI tube amplifiers yet. Therefore he planned to go to Guangdong together with his younger brother Zheng Xi where the HIFI industry has a very good background affected by HK. Zheng realized that in China as for HiFi vacuum tube amplifier production it is almost blank especially about the audio transformer which is the most important part for tube amplifiers. Realizing such an issue Zheng Brothers decided to do research and investigation specially on such subjects vacuum tube amplifiers and its audio transformers. From its start Zheng brothers have spent around 2 years succeeding in researching and developing the high end audio transformers. Good thing is they succeed but at the same time in order to do research they almost spent all their money. They are at a very difficult situation that how to move on. How to use the technology and have it produced. Just at the time Cayin, the first vacuum tube amplifier manufacturer in mainland China needs the technology for production of their own products. It is such an opportunity that Zheng was invited to join Cayin in 1993, when he was one of the shareholders of Cayin. He also works as General manager and chief engineer in Cayin at the very start up time.

      In 1995, it was the time of Cayin got its reputation in China and worldwide.However with development of two years Zheng and the other shareholders have some disagreement that Zheng suggests to develop the very high-end of amplifiers. Finally Zheng left Cayin and begin his long time working in different companies. First Caier Factory established together wit his friend. At the very beginning the factory is located in Zhuhai and later to Zhongshan for a better sourcing network. In 2001 he worked in Panyu as a co-founder of large audio company. A year later, from 2002 to 2004 he works in a Guangzhou Factory which is working on OEM production only. Zheng is in charge of research and product development there including tube amplifier, CD players and solid state amplifiers. Working in different companies Zheng has got an experience on different areas. It gave him a possibility to know and understand HIEND products from the western company. In his spare time Zheng helps audiophiles repair the WE traditional products. It is at such time that Zheng has got more and more knowledge about the WE products and it is great pleaure for him and the audiophile to see the Old devices of WE got their lives again. It is restore the glory of the past.

      It is this period time that make Zheng more and more experienced on development and designing of HIEND products. He has got chances to touch not only the modern products but also some vintage products like the horn system, drivers, vintage amplifier etc. He has learned a lot from this experience. Later on he always said it is a period for progress for himself even he does not work at a factory or a business for a long time. It has also give a solid foundation of the establishment of the Line Magnetic Audio Company in 2005.







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