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    Teac NT-505 Network Player USB Dac Headphone Amplifier and AptX Bluetooth $2,799.00

    USB DAC/Network Player Dual monaural USB DAC/Network Player supporting DSD512 and PCM32/768 WHAT'S NEW: "NR-7CD" and "NT-505" support the MQA file playback with latest network firmware The NT-505 is a flagship dual monaural USB DAC with versatile network playback capabilities. It...

    Teac UD-505 Headphone Amplifier USB Dac and AptX Bluetooth $2,499.00

      Dual monaural USB DAC/headphone amplifier supporting DSD512 and PCM32/768   The UD-505 is a flagship dual monaural USB DAC with an integrated fully-balanced headphone amplifier, that fuses high-end audio design concepts and TEAC’s decades of audio design experience, in...

    Unison Research SH Tube Headphone Amplifier With USB Dac From $2,165.00

    The Unison Research SH is a class A, single-ended headphone amplifier. It is made with a tube circuit with only two stages (both operating in triode mode) and preceded by a passive volume control. Remote Control Included. Technical Specification: Max...

    Wharfedale EVO 4.2 Bookshelf Speakers $1,499.00

    Wharfedale’s new EVO4 has grown out of the extensive research and development that produced the ELYSIAN flagship loudspeakers and borrows much of the technology involved in ELYSIAN. The primary focus is on the AMT development resulting in a radically different...