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      Dynavector Cartridges

      Dynavector Cartridges
      Dynavector, based in Tokyo, was founded in 1975 by Dr. Tominari, a Physics Professor at Tokyo University. His lifelong interest in music, combined with his scientific background, has helped produce some ground breaking products over the past few decades.His first cartridge innovation was in production techniques with a new winding machine, which helped make high-output MC cartridges affordable. His first high output moving coil cartridge was the Dynavector 10x, which used to sell for $100 back in the ’70s. Today it’s a 10X5 MK2 selling at five times that amount; it is still considered an exceptional performer for the money.
      The 17D used a solid diamond cantilever with a nude multi-radial diamond stylus. In 1979 Dynavector’s DV/KARAT DIAMOND and RUBY appeared on the market as the first products using their unique technology that minimizes cantilever vibration by utilizing a much shorter cantilever, which also extends frequency response up to 70 kHz!






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