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      Transrotor Turntables

      Transrotor Turntables

      TransRotor is Germany's oldest turntable company. All they have been hand crafting the finest high quality turntables for the past 40 years. Now also arms, cartridges and components.

      Transrotor was founded in 1976 by Jochen Räke, precision mechanical engineer. In the early 70s he joined a British design office and contributed to the design of several Michell turntables. When he returned to Germany, he focused on the distribution of revamped and optimised Michell turntables. Jochen soon focused on his own creations and launched a production that is fully 'Made in Germany'.

      For over 30 years, Transrotor has continuously endeavoured to improve its manufacturing processes and the quality of its products. Today the Cologne-based brand is a global benchmark in high-end turntables, as evidenced by the outstanding achievements. 

      TransRotor was the very first to come out with magnetic drive. These can be seen in their medium tables like the Fat Bob and the Cresendo Series. Unheard of in tables under $15,000. These tables are half of that price.

      The beauty of their exterior finishes in materials and workmanship continues inside their turntables. What you see and feel corresponds to what you hear: Transrotor turntables reproduce all the information stored in your analog records. From old and new vinyl discs, you get the most tranparent and beautiful sound possible. A Transrotor turntable allows you to get the most out of any record.








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